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Northlake Crisis Pregnancy Center

Know your options

Our Services to Women Considering Abortion

The Northlake CPC offers a variety of services to women who choose to parent including medical services, educational programs, and long-term material assistance. All of our services are free of charge. Please call to schedule your appointment.

Pregnancy Test Appointment: We will provide you with a free medically verified pregnancy test and establish your due date. You will receive pre-natal vitamins and a referral for pre-natal care. You will also receive information on Medicaid.

Referrals for Pre-natal Care: We will provide you with a list of local OB/GYN doctors who accept Medicaid. 

New Moms Counseling Appointment: We have a professional counselor on our staff who can walk you through the emotional transition of finding out that you are pregnant and becoming a new mother.

Pre-Natal Videos Appointment: If you complete our pre-natal video series, you will receive a brand new car-seat! You must start in your first trimester, so don't wait to schedule an appointment!

Parenting Videos Appointment: If you complete our parenting video series you will receive a brand new bassinette!

Maternity Clothing Appointment: We have a closet full of beautiful maternity clothes! You can come “shop” with us free of charge once per month during your pregnancy.

New Moms Visit: At this appointment you will meet with our nurse and receive baby care and labor & delivery information. You will also receive baby items at this visit.

Baby Items Visit: We have a room full of adorable baby items! You can come once per month until your child turns two to receive these items.